The Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority electronic toll collection system operates toll lanes exclusively for authorized TxTAG (Texas Tollways), EZ Tag (Harris County Toll Road Authority), or TollTag (North Texas Tollway Authority) account holders. Non account holders that use the dedicated toll lanes incur violations and have images of their license plates recorded by a video system.
Pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 284, the registered owner or renter of record of a vehicle (not necessarily the driver of the vehicle) that passes through a toll facility is responsible for payment of tolls associated with said toll facility. Failure to pay toll charges is against the law and results in a Toll Violation Notice.
Online: Visit and search for Toll Violation Notice
MAIL: Using the payment coupon found below the Toll Violation Notice you have received
IN PERSON: Visit any MoneyGram location (For location, please visit
PHONE: By calling Toll Free 855-999-2024
Under Texas law, you may be able to dispute these charges if you meet one of the following criteria.
  • You were no longer the legal registered owner of the vehicle at the time it was on the toll road, or
  • The vehicle was leased or rented to another entity at the time it was on the toll road, or
  • The vehicle was stolen prior to its use on the toll road.
Should any of the above situations apply, please fill out Dispute Section: CERTIFICATION OF NON-LIABILITY.
TxTAG (Texas Tollways), EZ Tag (Harris County Toll Road Authority), or TollTag (North Texas Tollway Authority) account holders may also receive Toll Violation Notices. The most frequent occurrences are when:
  • The toll tag is not properly mounted
  • The credit card expiration data on the file with the toll tag account has expired
  • You have a new car/new license plate
  • There are insufficient funds on the account
  • The toll tag is defective
In order to avoid future fee, please contact your toll tag's customer service center:
TxTag: 1-888-468-9824
EZ Tag: 1-281-875-3279
Toll Tag: 1-972-818-6882
In accordance with Transportation Code 370.177, unpaid toll notices are subject to legal action. The following table shows how five (5) violations can add up to more than $250 in tolls + fee.

Fort Bend Grand parkway

RVPRiverpark Ramp
NWTNew Territory ML
HRLGP1 Harlem ML
WSBWest Bellfort ML
BELBellaire ML
WSPWestpark ML

Fort Bend Parkway

SPEFBP Sienna Pkwy Ext
LKOFBP Lake Olympia ML

West Park Tollway

WMRWestmoor ML
To reach Customer Support Center call - Toll Free 855-999-2024

Hours: Monday - Friday 7am to 7pm

You can visit one of the MoneyGram locations and pay for the Toll Violation Notice by providing the Code 1262, Toll Violation Notice number (as account number) and your Last Name as it appears on the violation notice. For inquiries call Customer Support.
In order to avoid a toll Violation and associated fees in future, please contact one of the below listed customer service centers to open an account and obtain a tag:
TxTag: 1-888-468-9824 or
EZ Tag: 1-281-875-3279 or
Toll Tag: 1-972-818-6882 or
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Violation Inquiry 
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 Did you receive a Toll Violation Notice at one of the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority Toll Plazas? You can resolve the violation online by paying the balance due using a credit card, or you can request for an appeal. If you have not received a Toll Violation Notice and want to make a prepayment on a Toll Violation occurred, call Fort Bend Toll Road Customer Support Center.
 Example: T20080101123212 (do not include dashes or numbers after the dash).
 Enter the license plate number that appears on your violation notice, and the license plate state.

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